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Mathematics Teacher Training Videos in Framingham, Massachusetts

The Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics in Framingham, Massachusetts, has developed several mathematics teacher training videos. These DVDs and videos teach teachers how children learn, which allows them to create lesson plans that truly work.
Children Watching Video, Mathematics Teacher Training Videos in Framingham, MA

Current Publications

Most children have difficulty in mathematics when they have not mastered the key milestones in mathematics. The key milestones for elementary grades are number conceptualization and arithmetic facts (addition and multiplication), place value, fractions and its correlates—decimal, percent, ratio and proportion.

• Dyslexia & Mathematics Language Difficulties—$15.00
• Dyscalculia—$15.00
• Guide for an Effective Mathematics Lesson—$15.00
• Games & Their Uses: the Number War Game—$15.00
• How to Teach Arithmetic Facts Easily & Effectively—$15.00
• How to Teach Fractions Effectively—$15.00
• How to Teach Number to Young Children—$15.00
• How to Teach Subtraction Effectively—$12.00
• Literacy & Numeracy: Comprehension & Understanding—$12.00
• Math Education at Its Best: Potsdam Model—$15.00
• The Questioning Process: a Basis for Effective Teaching—$12.00
• Visual Cluster Cards (Playing Cards without Numbers)—$12.00

Video Resources

These videos and DVDs present strategies for teaching these key mathematics milestone concepts. They apply Professor Sharma's approach to teaching numeracy. These were videotaped in actual classrooms in the UK.


• How Children Learn: Numeracy—$30.00 
• Teaching Place Value Effectively—$30.00

Numeracy DVDs (Complete Set of 6 for $150.00 & Individual for $30.00)

1. Teaching Arithmetic Facts
2. Teaching Place Value
3. Teaching Multiplication
4. Teaching Fractions
5. Teaching Decimals & Percents
6. Professional Development: Teachers' Questions 

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